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Gorgeous #1
Gorgeous #2
    Pansy Division
    G.B. Jones
Gorgeous #3
    G.B. Jones
    Jena von Brücker
    Jon Ginoli

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Kevboa's page.
Jamieham's page.

The questions of the would-never-be Gorgeous #3 (1998).
             Zines can take a long time to create.  This one was going to take too long. So we gave up.  I was starting college and Kevboa moved. With every breath, it kept becoming more difficult to create a zine together.  In the mean time, I was trying to keep up with my distro Diversified HodgePodge (rip). College took more of a toll on me than I would like to admit.  I never allowed myself the time for me.  I grew apathetic.  I hated everything.  Kevboa was working 50 hours a week at his new home, i  think a zine was the furthest from his mind. 
                I really like this idea of a glamour pop culture type zine.  Glamour and pop is often times seen as the enemy and is hence ignored as a real topic in the oh so hip indy underground punk no wave blah communities. The people who run the tv shows may be evil, but do we watch? I know I have an apparent love for pop culture.  I also love the right to critique and see how it has such a powerful hand in puppeteering culture. 
                     The dialogue between Nattles, Jon, Jenna, and GB is real fun.  Don't you often wonder about peoples pop insides and glamour outsides?

Hair and 90210: let the inner glamour shine through

This here's an interview Jamie Ham conducted in 1998.
She interviewed G.B. Jones, Jena von Brücker, Nattles and Jon Ginoli via mail. and here is what they had to say (G.B. and Jena's interviews will uploaded A.S.A.P.)

Nattles of Cold Cold Hearts and Flin Flon fame.


1) what does your hair look like? 
     well, it's black 

2) What gave you that idea? 
     i started going grey when i was 14 or so. 

3) How do you maintain your style? 
    i don't brush it, basically. and i use Rave #4 hair spray. the spray kind. 

4) Any tips or secrets to those readers who are clueless?
     hair looks best on the 2nd and 3rd day after you wash it. 

5) Who would you recommend to the "Gorgeous Hair Hall of Fame"? 
     Mark Robinson Matt Datesman Lux Interior and Poison Ivy Sue P.Fox SamCoomes Katherine Brown Tommy Orr 


1) Who is your favorite character(s)? 
     steve sanders

2) Who would you love have seen die on the show? 

3) Best couple (if any)? 
    nat & his wife 

4) What two cast members (new or old) would you love see have a wrestling match on WWF? 
     tori spelling & nat 

5) Have you met any of the members? 
     no, but i know someone who worked on the set getting clothes for the cast members. 

6) Have you been on an episode? or know anyone who has? 
    i haven't but, i know someone who has. 

7) Who would you recommend be casted in the new "90210" season? why? 
     Matt Datesman. he could be the real stand up comedian instead of Steve Sanders. 
Mark Robinson. he could be the real musician instead of Ray Pruit.

Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division

1) What does your hair look like?
     It kinda short, kinda scruffy looking, dyed black

2) What gave you that idea?
     our bass player chris, actually!

3) How do you maintain your style?
    Do the opposite of whatever local TV news anchors do.

4) Any tips or secrets to those readers who are clueless?
    Clueless is areally fun movie but a really stupid TV show.  Whatever...

5) Who would you recomend to the "Gorgeous Hair Hall of Fame"?
    Yul Brenner.  Wird Al Yankovic.  Liberace.  Or maybe that should be the
Crimes Against Hair museum.


6) And if any of you watches "Beverly Hills 90210" 
    we don't!  We watch The Simpsons, South Park, Ab Fab, sometimes 
X-Files.  Last night I watched Cops. I don't know why.